Thursday, March 31, 2011

8th week class- Final attempt of making ravioli pasta

 This week is our final week to do our ravioli as next week is our I-food exhibition. So this week, we need to really focus on our product.

Before the task:
 This week chef zaid asked us to do 50 raviolis for next week so that to ensure the ravioli can last for a week. He also ask us to make minestrone soup to eat together with the ravioli. So this week, the ingredients are:

500gm of flour
5 eggs
Chopped mix ulam

Ravioli fillings:
Mint leaves
Thai Basil leaves
olive oil

Minestrone Soup:
vegetable broth
bay leaves
fresh thyme

During the task:
 This week, we make ravioli with minestrone soup where minestrone soup means a tomato soup with a cut vegetables. During making the ravioli, we had encountered a problems where our normal vegetable pesto for our ravioli fillings is been thrown away. So we made a new pesto.

After of the task:
 Once our ravioli had blanched, we serve the ravioli together with the hot minestrone soup to chef zaid. Chef Zaid has decided that next week we need to serve this ravioli together with this minestrone soup.

 So next week, we are going to do ravioli with minestrone soup for our I-food exhibition. Do tag along with our friends and family to make the exhibition more happening. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

7th week class- 4th attempt of experiment

This is our 4th week of our experiment and next week is gonna be our final week to do our experiment before heading our I-food exhibition on the 7th April 2011.

Before the task
 Chef Zaid ask us to focus on to texture of the ravioli and the taste of the soup so that it will be a complete meal. Our team also has made a sauce to accompany with the ravioli.

During the task
 So this week, we make a clear soup and a parsley sauce. The ingredients are:

anchovies stock powder

Parsley sauce:
double cream
salt and pepper
stock water
lemon juice

 Beat egg with mix ulam

 Stiffed flour with a bit of salt

 slowly pour the egg into the flour and knead till evently


So during the task, chef taught us how to make a shape look like the chinese people money using during the old dynasty.

This is how the money look like....

After filled the ravioli with pesto, we blanch it and this is our final product

This is steam ravioli served with parsley sauce 

This is blanched ravioli served with parsley sauce 

This is ravioli soup

After the task
 After done our product, as usual, we will had a food testing along with chef zaid, our supervisor kitchen, abang din, few of our seniors and some of my classmates. Basically everyones prefer the ravioli soup as the parsley sauce make the ravioli can't taste the mix ulams.

 After our 4th attempt of our pasta ulam, we realized that the taste, flavor and the most important is the texture of the pasta is important. We also know how to cook according the time frame which is important during the I-food Exhibition.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

6th week- 3rd attempt of the experiment

This week, as usual we continue our experiment which is pasta ulam

Before the task:
Chef Zaid ask us to mix all the ulam in one pasta instead of making different type of pasta and make some ravioli so that we can really compare the flavor of ulam between spaghetti and ravioli.

The Ingredients:

Ravioli fillings:
cream cheese

saute spaghetti:
red pepper
olive oil

During the task:
As we continue doing our pasta, we had face a few problems where is the pasta is still soft as flour is added due to liquid came out from the ulams. But after a few kneading of the pasta, we managed to make our saute angel hair and a few type of ravioli.

saute angel hair 

upper right: deep fried ravioli
downer left: blanch and pan fried ravioli
Unfortunately, we forgotten to snap pictures on the blanch ravioli dressing with olive oil.

After the task:
 Chef Zaid and ourselves have decided to continue making ravioli rather then the angel hair because of the taste of ulam is greater then the angel hair. 

What we learned so far of our experiment is, we can only taste  the ulam if we make our pasta correctly based on size, texture and amount of ulam.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5th class- 2nd week of our pasta ulam experiment

So this week, we did our pasta ulam again with the same ulam such as:

This week, we did our pasta differently like last week, we did angel hair pasta instead of fettucine and we changed our sauce from cabonara into tomato sauce.
So this is the image of our pasta and the final product of our pasta and the tomato sauce.

Unfortunately our pasta daun pegaga fail due to few circumstances.